Travel destinations for a foodie

Mumbai, India


Not only is it India’s film city, home of Bollywood - Mumbai houses some of India’s most iconic foods. Inspired by traditional ingredients, food in Mumbai takes contemporary approaches to food. From humble street vendors to Michelin-star restaurants the city has everything to offer. Take in the chaat, a savoury collection of snacks available all over the city - it’s made with fresh vegetables, crispy fried dough or bread, and topped with yogurt and dry spice. Representative of Mumbai itself, dig into the iconic vada pav, potatoes battered and fried in chickpea flour served on a buttery bun with pickled chillies and chutney. It isn’t a trip to Mumbai without stopping for snacks!

Lisbon, Portugal


Treat yourself to the abundance of seafood Lisbon has to offer; with its location on the coast of the Atlantic, Portuguese cuisine features comfort foods with the freshest catches of fish. Sample the famous Azeitão cheese at food markets all across Lisbon, a renowned speciality with a ‘Protected Designation of Origin’ status - meaning it can only be produced in the nearby town of Azeitão. It wouldn’t be a true trip to Lisbon without digging into their world famous pastéis de nata (egg custard tarts), dusted with cinnamon sugar and caramelised to perfection - it’ll be impossible to have just one.

Jakarta, Indonesia


With over 17,000 islands making up the nation of Indonesia, it’s no wonder that there’s a truly multifaceted cuisine. With Jakarta being the country’s capital, it hosts the heart and soul of Indonesian food. From street corners to fine dining restaurants the dish that takes the crown is ‘Nasi Goreng’ - traditional Indonesian fried rice. Nasi Goreng goes perfectly with satay (barbecued, skewered meat) and washed down with Indonesian sweet tea or a cold glass of ‘Bandung’ (evaporated or condensed milk flavoured with rose). You could spend your entire trip exploring the street food Jakarta has to offer.

San Cristobal, Mexico


A city set in the highland valleys of Mexico, it’s regarded as one of Mexico’s most popular food cities. San Cristobal is well known for its locally grown coffee beans, perfect for caffeine enthusiasts. Outdoor markets have endless dishes to explore, everything from traditional Pozole (stew) to the decadent Birria (slow cooked goat in spiced soup). Mexican food is aromatic and warming, and San Cristobal provides an unlimited opportunity to explore Mexican flavours.

Chengdu, China


China’s regional delicacies are well known globally, everything from dumplings, glazed BBQ, and noodles galore. The city of Chengdu was Asia’s first UNESCO City of Gastronomy in 2010, and won the title rightfully so. Chengdu is well known for its spicy dishes - famed for its use of sichuan peppers in layering sweet and spicy flavours. Birthplace of hotpot, the dish is ubiquitous with the name of the city; hotpot is a simmering spiced broth cooked in front you, with a choice of vegetables, meats, and tofu to cook within the soup. An interactive meal, one to share with friends and loved ones - a true Chengdu experience.

Tokyo, Japan



Tokyo is one of the world’s most popular food hubs, with everything from the freshest cuts of sushi to the heartiest bowls of ramen. Tokyo offers some of the most unique dining experiences with kitschy “vending machine restaurants” and even the Allstar Food Tour around the city to take in all the best sights and bites. Showcasing the best of both local and regional Japanese cuisines, Tokyo is truly heaven for a hungry traveller. With everything from traditional Japanese sweets & pastries to lanes with street food as far as the eye can see, Tokyo provides an immersive dining experience like no other.

Istanbul, Turkey


Istanbul is a culturally significant city, rich in heritage and history, it’s a haven for culinary variety as well. Turkey is popular for its simit breads, street meats, and wraps. Not to mention their strong, perfectly roasted coffee - an ideal pick-me-up anytime of the day! Turkish meals are often mezze, meaning that they’re small dishes that come together to form one main meal, much like tapas. Istanbul boasts an exciting variety of food, with bustling markets for travelling foodies to explore for days on end.

At Dining, we take inspiration from global flavour palettes to provide you with the tastiest meals and snacks. Whether it’s our spices or ingredients, we want to bring you meals that invoke those truly international flavours. While travelling may not be in our cards right now, this guide is a great bucket list for all the places to let our stomachs tour, once the international travel bans are lifted. In the meantime, stay safe and plan that (mouthwatering) travel itinerary!

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