Why Frozen?

You may be wondering why our meals are frozen rather than chilled and have preconceived ideas of frozen meals...read on to find out more.

Frozen meals traditionally have a bad reputation for being tasteless and unhealthy, so you wonder why we have decided to offer our meals frozen.

Firstly to clarify, our meals have no preservatives or additives and the taste is as per home cooked meals.

The are multiple reasons for providing meals as frozen:

Less food waste

With chilled food the eat by date is very short and as we know life never goes to plan, therefore there is more chance of food not being eaten within the eat by date and being thrown away.


Blast chilling food (the process of freezing food) lacks in flavour and freshness of the meals, so they taste freshly cooked when heated up. This is the same process and concept used for freezing fresh vegetables.


Having the meals frozen and in your freezer means whenever you are hungry the food is there and only needs heating up. Additionally if you have unexpected visitors you can have tasty food available to serve. Additional convenience is ordering the food, you order in bulk when running low and it is there, unlike weekly orders where you need to plan your meals for the week ahead.

Hope that has given you some insight in to the benefits of frozen meals and to try out meals - order your first box today and give our meals a try

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